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Website health check.

Speed, performance, security, updates and backup.

Website health check

Website maintenance and updates for websites that have not been updated in a while.

  • CMS updates

    Update of your website's content management system/framework to the latest stable version.

  • Plugin Updates

    Update of all your website plugins to the latest version. Paid plugins will be

  • Malware scans

    Scanning of your website to check for Malware and other nasties that shouldn't be there!

  • Performance scans

    Scanning of your website's top-level page performance.

  • Broken link report

    Scanning of your website to identify broken links that could be affecting user experience and \SEO.

  • Website back-up

    We'll make a new back-up of your updated site for future disaster recovery.

Website health check


Website Health Check Frequently Asked Questions

This service is for WordPress website owner/operators who’ve not had any website maintiance for some time.

This is a single service, meaning that your website will receive one instance of maintenance and not on a regular basis as our website care plans offer.

Total Websites will update all the free plugins your website uses, or paid plugins for which you still have an active license.

We will advise you of paid plugins that require renewal and can renew the license and update these for you also, the cost of paid plugin license renewal is however not included in the health check fee.


This service analyses and reports on the current status of your website.

The repair of any faults found is not included in the fee. This may include for example the removal of Malware.

Total websites will send you a report on the status of your website and will recommend the best way forward to rectify the faults.

Yes, Total Websites LTD doesn’t have to have built your website for you to benefit from our website health check.

As long as your website is WordPress based (we maintain other CMS also) simply complete the order form and we’ll perform a health check on your site!

Total Websites Ltd website health check covers the technical aspects of your website, that include making sure the website system, code and plugins are up to date that that your website is backed up.

Adding webpage content, or creating new pages is not art of this service. We can of course add any new pages, content or complete additional development work that you require, but this is done as a separate service.

Monthly website - payment example

6 Page website ordered on 15th March 2021

Deposit due: 15/03/21

12 monthly payments of £147.74 due:

Date Payment # Amount due
01/04/21 1 £147.74
01/05/21 2 £147.74
01/06/21 3 £147.74
01/07/21 4 £147.74
01/08/21 5 £147.74
01/09/21 6 £147.74
Date Payment # Amount due
01/10/21 7 £147.74
01/11/21 8 £147.74
01/12/21 9 £147.74
01/01/22 10 £147.74
01/02/22 11 £147.74
01/03/22 12 £147.74