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Agency development partners

Supporting creative and marketing businesses

Agency and creative services

Helping you to sell websites and provide ongoing support to your customers!

Increase offerings

Add new services that compliment your existing line of offerings!

Bigger projects

Take on bigger clients with more demanding website projects!

Retain customers

If existing customers are looking for services you can't provide, they could go else where.

Increase sales

Your increased offerings will increase turnover and increase profitability!

How can you help us?

From a little support to leading the project; we’ll work however suits you!

Project specific

From coding your designs into a website, or bespoke coding to achieve specific functionality - we can help!

Development only

You give us the specific specifications, and we'll take care of the coding and technical side!

Full support

We work with you throughout the design and development process to fully complete the project.

Which technologies do you use?

We have a wide range of experience and expertise across many web and online technologies! 

Technology, not platform

Never talk technology, but solutions with clients – Just for now we’ll break that rule!

We are developers, therefore we are not limited to working on one specific platform.

We understand the various technologies that support many common platforms, thus enabling us to work on most of them.

Generally which ever popular system you and your clients are working with, it’s likely that we’ll be able to help you!

How do we work together?

A refreshing and flexible approach to working with you and your clients!

Development partners

Your clients will be aware of Total Websites LTD as your preferred development partner and we can work with them directly for you.

In House

Your clients will not be aware of Total Websites LTD and you will manage all aspects of the project with your client.

Support and services

Total Websites LTD will also help your business to offer a range of ongoing services to your clients!

Website care

We can provide you with our range of website care plan packages, or provide you with bespoke care and support plans tailored to your client’s specific needs.


Offer your clients our range of Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click and Social Media Optimisation and Social Media Marketing services.


Provide your clients a full range of content development options, including copy, images, photography, video, animations and aerial photography.

Frequently Asked Questions
Agency services

We know that many businesses love doing what they’re good at! That’s not always designing, building, managing and marketing websites.

If you’re a graphic & design or marketing focused business that are often asked by your existing clients if you can build them a website then this service is for you!

Total Websites LTD provides the technical expertise and support you need to offer your clients new services and generate new revenue stream for your business!

This is very much up to you. We can work with you and your clients directly as part of your team. Your clients will know that we are creating the website and we can communicate with them directly.

Alternatively, we understand that you may wish to provide services that appear to have come directly from your business. If this is the case then we’ll work with you and you’ll manage the client relationship.

We provide our full range of services for you to offer your clients. This includes our Website Development services, Website Care Plans, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media and Content Development services.

Yes. We offer a range of volume discounts on all partner services.

The level of discount you receive is based on volume, so the more you use our services, the more discount you will receive. You are responsible for pricing and invoicing your clients.

Yes, for each project we offer a free 30-minute video consultation to help you with your client’s projects.

This initial consultation can be with you, your clients or in a joint meeting.

Beyond the free 30 minute consultation, time is chargable for additional meetings.

Yes, we can attend project meetings with you and your clients.

Currently, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we will only attend online video meetings.

Post COVID-19, we will again resume located based meetings.

All review/meetings are chargeable time that includes meeting time, travel time and any expenses.


Due to the amount of time it takes to create a bespoke specification we are unable to provide these free of charge.

Working with your client you can create the specification and we can base the project on this.

If required we can produce the plans and specifications for the website, but these are chargeable items and it includes a good proportion of project workload.

Monthly website - payment example

6 Page website ordered on 15th March 2021

Deposit due: 15/03/21

12 monthly payments of £147.74 due:

Date Payment # Amount due
01/04/21 1 £147.74
01/05/21 2 £147.74
01/06/21 3 £147.74
01/07/21 4 £147.74
01/08/21 5 £147.74
01/09/21 6 £147.74
Date Payment # Amount due
01/10/21 7 £147.74
01/11/21 8 £147.74
01/12/21 9 £147.74
01/01/22 10 £147.74
01/02/22 11 £147.74
01/03/22 12 £147.74