About Total Websites Ltd

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Welcome to Total Websites LTD

Nice to meet you!

Benjamin G. Botfield – Founder and Managing Director.

I’m proud to welcome you to Total Websites LTD website.

At Total Websites we help SME’s, small businesses and start-ups with every aspect of their websites.

I’ve 24 years’ experience building websites and as a former secondary school teacher, you can rely on Total Websites LTD as your professional and trusted website development partners.

Contact us to see how we can help you and your business!

I first taught myself to code in 1997. There was no Youtube, online courses and books were few and far between. I reversed engineered websites I liked and bit by bit I made it work!

One Computer Science Degree later I was fully armed with a plethora of design, usability and coding knowledge!

I firmly believe if a job’s worth doing its worth doing correctly. 

A little cliche I know, but if you’re going to do something, why wouldn’t it be the best it can be?

 At Total Websites LTD we are fully committed to customer satisfaction and support.

That’s why we offer ongoing support and maintenance services, so your website keeps working for you and your business! 

I started as a sole trader in September 2018. In June 2020, after a period of significant growth, we became a LTD company and now have a strong remote team that includes designers, developers, database & security specialists, SEO experts and copywriters.

Contact us today to see how our expert team can help you and your business!

Monthly website - payment example

6 Page website ordered on 15th March 2021

Deposit due: 15/03/21

12 monthly payments of £147.74 due:

Date Payment # Amount due
01/04/21 1 £147.74
01/05/21 2 £147.74
01/06/21 3 £147.74
01/07/21 4 £147.74
01/08/21 5 £147.74
01/09/21 6 £147.74
Date Payment # Amount due
01/10/21 7 £147.74
01/11/21 8 £147.74
01/12/21 9 £147.74
01/01/22 10 £147.74
01/02/22 11 £147.74
01/03/22 12 £147.74